Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sunscreen Review: Supergoop Setting Mist with Rosemary, SPF 50

If you're like me, you're religious about applying sunscreen in the morning but loath to reapply on top of your makeup. What to do? Finally, the beauty product industry has developed a broad spectrum sunscreen that can be applied on top of your foundation and face powder. Two new SPF-infused setting mists became available this spring from sunscreen brands Supergoop and Coola. Sephora stocks a mini bottle of the Supergoop version, so I decided to give it a try before committing to a full-sized bottle of either. 

The basics: $12 for 1 oz. or $28 for 3.4 oz. at supergoop.com, sephora.com, etc.

Pros: I've taken the purse-sized bottle with me to work every day and given my skin a quick spray before heading outside for lunch or leaving my office for the day. It's lightweight and easy to apply. Smells a bit like sunscreen, but also a bit like rosemary, so the sunscreen scent isn't unbearable. It doesn't make my face shiny or do anything weird to my makeup, so it's perfect for mid-day touchups.

Cons: As with any spray-on sunscreen, it's hard to know if you've applied enough or missed a spot. It can also make the hair around your face sticky if you're not careful, so spray with caution or cover your hairline before spraying.

The verdict: I'm absolutely planning to purchase more of this when I run out. It's the perfect size to keep in my purse, and I've used it almost daily since I bought it. Some reviewers on Sephora.com have complained about stickiness or stinging, but I haven't had any real issues with it. Will keep you posted as I continue using it!

Have you tried any of the new facial sunscreen mists yet?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Inspiration board: Under the sea baby shower

This summer, my brother and his wife are expecting their first baby. My studio apartment is much too small to entertain, so I love an opportunity to help plan a party at someone else's home. Our "party planning committee" includes the mom-to-be's mother, her mother-in-law, her sister, her best friend, and me. We're having the shower at my mom's house, but I know she's super busy teaching summer school (and replacing her deck!), so I've been helping with invites and getting everyone set up and organized.

Because I coordinate events for a living, I've learned that it's crucial to get all helpers on the same page early on--whether you're planning an intimate baby shower or a large-scale fundraiser. I love getting everyone together for an in-person meeting, but if that's not feasible, a group email, Facebook message, or text message can suffice.

For my sister-in-law's shower, her friend suggested an "Under the Sea" theme, which I love for baby boy. We set up a group message, created a shared to-do list in Google Drive, and I began Pinteresting like crazy!

Somewhat serendipitously, last week Paperless Post invited me to participate in a link-up about summertime entertaining. Paperless Post is a website that provides both virtual and printed invitations and other stationary. I've used them in the past for smaller get togethers (like my friend's bachelorette party), but hadn't thought to use them for this event. The designers at Paperless Post will choose a handful of blogger-inspired themes to turn into real invitations for their site. "Under the Sea" seems like a relatively common party theme, but my mom and I had a heck of a time finding an invitation that we both liked. I hope they consider turning my inspiration board into an invite on their site!

Here are a few of my favorites from the inspiration board:

Under the Sea Water Party via catchmyparty.com.

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower via catchmyparty.com.

Under the Sea Soiree via projectnursery.com.

Crab sandwiches via allthatglittersisgold.net.

Fishie crackers via thecottagemama.com.

Under the sea party decor via chickabug.com.