Monday, May 14, 2012

Portland's first AIM at Melanoma 5k makes local news

May is Melanoma Awareness Month. Please help spread the word by sharing this post with your friends and family. 

Yes, that's yours truly, out of breath and sweaty, but still speaking out about the dangers of melanoma on Fox 12 Oregon. Thank you to everyone who sponsored me in Portland's first AIM at Melanoma 5k, including:

  • Tim Slavin
  • Kevin Posch
  • Mark Williams
  • Suzanne DeVaney-Wilkes (thanks, Mom)
  • Jessica Giles
  • Skin Zen Acupuncture & Esthetics
  • Liz Carr
  • Barbara Burbank

An extra special thank you to my wonderful friend Liz Carr who thought she was going to be walking on Saturday morning, but ended up jogging with me just because she is an amazing friend (and I am a huge pain in the ass.)

I was so impressed by the turnout and the high caliber of sponsors we had for the event. Emily Clay deserves a huge hug for organizing everyone. She and several others organized this walk in remembrance of their good friend Sarah Bach who lost her battle to melanoma at age 42 in 2011. It was incredibly difficult for me to hear the stories from people who have lost loved ones to this disease, but also comforting to know that we're all in this together.

Looking forward making things even bigger and better next year.


  1. Lovebug, it was a pleasure running with you! (even you are a pain in the ass) :) I'm so proud of you!

    1. ugh, if* (how embarrassing)

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