Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why did we ever use tanning beds in high school?

I  love it when my friends sent me notes like this!

My friend Debbie sent me this text the other day. She just had to have her fourth mole removed. As a teenager, neither of us though we'd regret tanning until we were older. Who would have thought that "older" meant "in our 20s?"

When Debbie and I met up for happy hour over the weekend, she let me snap a picture of her stitches. Ouch! Fortunately, all of Debbie's moles have been either benign or precancerous, so the procedure to remove them is less invasive than with a melanoma. Still, removing even a benign spot can be uncomfortable, and it can leave a pretty nasty scar. Plus, what would you rather spend your hard-earned cash on: a new pair of Frye boots or a biopsy because you spent too much time in the sun? I'll take the boots, please.

Stitches from my friend's most recent skin biopsy. It's
about one-third the size of my melanoma scar.


  1. I have pictures of all mine... and I wish they were that small. Some are, others not so much.

    There is simply nothing fun about anything one must go thru in dealing with this disease.

    Please tell your friend good for her and thanks for sharing.
    The doc did a wonderful job.

  2. Yes...Why did we get in the Sun? Go to the beach? go to the tanning bed? lay out in the yard? Because we didn't know! We didn't care! and we weren't educated or warned!
    Its up to us now to spread the word to our family's, our friends, our generation and the next.