Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On beauty

Saw this image on Facebook today. The photographer was listed as unknown, but I love it. Isn't it the truth? Test yourself. Which of these models would you rather trade bodies with:

Model #1. Image: Indy Fashion Marketplace
Model #2. Image: Chictopia


  1. To be honest, I'd rather be me (that has taken quite awhile to be like that). I think that even if I traded bodies I would never be completely happy with whatever I got and would probably miss the bits that annoy me now.

    To me they look like the same model though - just with different tans, hair and clothes.

    1. Oh yeh - and if I had to choose, I'd totally take the one without the tan! (That may be partly to do with the backlash against tanning that we've had in Australia recently - tans are now seen as being a bit trashy)

  2. That pink dress is amazing. Have a nice day.

  3. The "tan" model looks like an over baked dessert.... Yuck!