Monday, March 18, 2013

New Orleans in a nutshell

This lucky lady got to travel to New Orleans for a work conference last week. I'd never been to New Orleans before--or anywhere south of Ocean City, Maryland--so I stayed an extra day to play tourist. Such a fun place to visit. Here are a few snapshots from my trip.

Me being a tourist on Bourbon Street. Surprise, surprise.

St. Louis Cathedral.

River cruise. You better believe I was rocking my SPF.

Street music everywhere. Loved it.


This is an awful picture, so you can barely see anything, but before I left, I told my friends: "I hope I find my vampire boyfriend in New Orleans." On my first night out, we stumbled across a taping of The Vampire Diaries. Coincidence? I think not.

Trying to stalk my would-be boyfriend Ian Somerhalder.

Have you been to New Orleans before? If so, what was your favorite thing to do or see?


  1. Hahaha Katie 0 how (I wish) I had been to New Orleans at all! Great photos, terrific to see you having a wonderful time.