Monday, May 20, 2013

May madness

Portland Melanoma Walk 2013
I've had a busy, busy, busy month. We had the Portland Melanoma Walk on Saturday, May 11. The event surpassed all my expectations--almost 300 attendees and we've raised $35,000 and counting. The walk has more than doubled since 2012, which I'm thrilled about. As a volunteer-run event, I think we've made amazing progress with the limited resources we have. There seems to be quite a bit of potential for continued growth, too, so all the chaos seems to have been worth it.

Renting port-o-potties: the less glamorous aspects of event planning

A day after the walk, I flew to Austin, TX for work. I wish I'd had more time to spend being a tourist! I also wish I'd had a bit more time to catch up on sleep before the trip. I was probably still a little sleep deprived from waking up at 3:30 a.m. that Saturday.

Austin, TX!

Now I'm back in Portland. Still busy, busy. Looking forward to summertime when I can zone out, curl up with a trashy beach read, and spend more time catching up with friends. August looks promising? :)

So proud of my fellow "molemates" for all the great things you're doing to support skin cancer awareness this month.


  1. Wonderful Katie, such a tremendous fundraising and awareness event. Success!

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