Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Peplum Top

I had one of those "ah-ha" moments the other day that was too good not to share. I've owned this shirt for about a year now, but I've never been able to wear it with a pair of pants. Because it's so billowy, I've always paired it with a pencil skirt--something I could tuck it into. By simply adding a belt, I was finally able to wear the blouse with a pair of pants. Plus, the silhouette morphs into a trendy peplum shape. I dig it.

Start with a loose-fitting blouse like this
one by Daniel Rainn.
Add a thin belt just below your natural
waist. And voila!


  1. Ah Katie you clever girl, one just has to think outside the square......and having a 'waist' is handy too!!! (I am currently trying to find one)!

  2. That looks SOOOO great! Such an easy way to totally change up the look! Love it :)

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