Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ipsy Glam Bag Review - November 2012

I recently subscribed to a few different monthly subscription boxes. It's been super helpful looking at other blogs to see which boxes offer the best products (and best deals!), so I wanted to share with you! For $10 per month, Ipsy sends you a makeup bag with five sample and/or full size beauty products. Caution: These subscription boxes are addicting, so proceed with caution. Here is what I got in my November box:

Nailtini Speakeasy Nail Lacquer in Millionaire - Full Size - $13 value
This is a fun nail polish for the holidays. It's really similar to an OPI nail polish I have, but it has some multi-color glitter in addition to the gold flecks.

Benefit They're Real Mascara - Sample Size - $8 value
I love Benefit products (they always have the cutest packaging), so I'm excited to try this mascara. I've been using a Bobbi Brown mascara that I love, so I'll wait to try this until I run out. (Update: This mascara is REALLY hard to remove. I tried waterproof eye makeup remover. No dice. Very frustrated. May toss it.)

Bare Minerals Moxie Lip Gloss in Dare Devil - Sample Size - $9 value
When I first saw this, I worried that it would show up too dark on my lips (dark lipstick doesn't look so hot with my fair skin), but it's actually pretty sheer. It has a minty taste that I LOVE. Of all the products I received in my November bag, this is hands down my favorite. I would probably actually buy a full-size version of this product when I run out.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Eye Shadow - Sample Size - $4 value
I've been using this eye shadow in my crease and to create a "smokey" eye look. It goes on really smoothly. I'm much more impressed with this shadow than I expected. Not a color for daytime wear, but good for evenings and weekends.

Starlet Cosmetics Eyeliner in Chocolate - Full Size - $11 value
This eyeliner isn't my favorite. I don't love the brown color. It has a reddish undertone--usually I buy liners that are more black/brown. It's also not as creamy as I'd like, but it might be an OK liner to use for work, etc.

Here's a look at how the different colors look on my skin. From left: Eyeliner, eye shadow, and lip gloss. Overall, I'm really impressed with my first Ipsy bag. For $10, I received about $45 worth of makeup. Yay! I'm already getting anxious to see what they send me in December.

Do you subscribe to any of these monthly beauty boxes?


  1. That's great Katie! Love your stuff.
    My favourite nail polishes are: Revlon Gold Coin and OPI Orange Burst and, what is totally impossible (so far) for me to get is a liquid eyeshadow (Avon used to make a BRILLIANT one,in Taupe, applied almost like a lip gloss with applicator) but they have stopped (here anyway). Even the smoothest of powder eyeshadows will irritate my eyes.

  2. oh what fun? I didn't even know these types of things existed :) lol! I may just have to check it out! Hope you're doing well!

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