Sunday, November 25, 2012

Firmoo UV sunglasses product review

I've never been asked to do a product review before, but let me tell you: offering UV-protective sunglasses is one way to this girl's heart.

So, here's the deal: Firmoo is a company that sells both prescription and non-prescription glasses online. Since you can't actually try them on, Firmoo lets you upload a photo of yourself and virtually "try on" different styles. Of course, it's not quite the same as trying on glasses in person, but I crossed my fingers and hoped that they would fit!

Showing off my new Firmoo sunglasses.

I don't know about you, but I wear sunglassses all year
round. Even in the winter!
Good news. They did! I picked style #OTO2581 in gunmetal because they reminded me of Ray-bans. Here is a close-up so that you can get a better idea of the style.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the frames. They're lightweight and fit my face well. They don't seem to be as high-quality as some designer frames, but the more I wear them around, the more I like them. I also love, love, love that this company emphasizes the importance of UV-protective eyewear. Firmoo sells a ton of frames for perscription glasses, too, which you can order from the site as well. If I needed perscription lenses, I would definitely try a pair from this site because they're so much cheaper than the ones you get from the eye doctor. The frames are cute, too (think sexy librarian).

Get a pair for free!
You can get a pair of glasses from Firmoo for free, too. All you have to do is pay shipping. Visit their First Pair Free Program site to learn more. Get a pair of new reading glasses for yourself or give a pair of frames as a holiday gift! If you have any questions, visit the help page. I've had a really positive experience dealing with this company so far, and I received my glasses in the mail quickly.

If you're interested in learning more, check out my review on YouTube.


Disclaimer: I received these sunglasses for free in exchange for this product review. Opinions contained in the review are my own.


  1. Ah Katie, I love my big trendy sunnies and I've been very 'eye-conscious' for a long time now, so I have a pair of Makos (Australian made and designed) UV400 and polarized. (I nearly went for the MauiJims but stayed 'local')
    I get quite upset when I see people (and not only the teenagers and young set) wearing cheap fashion-sunnies from goodness knows where which hold no protection at all. I have tried to explain to my two young granddaughters (16 & 18) that if they keep wearing these cheap/no protection sunnies they will actually damage their eyes as the pupils have to dilate more in order to see through the darkened lenses and therefore (because of no UV protection) they are letting in more UVdamage than not wearing any at all. (That's how it was explained by my eye specialist anyhow)
    Great post, I hope lots and lots of 'people' are reading this.
    (sorry, I can get going hey?)

  2. OMG, Katie, you're not pretty in pale, you're GORGEOUS in pale!

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